Welcome to your ultimate Montenegrin adventure! Our Comprehensive Online Language Course for Tourists in Montenegro is your essential companion for navigating this stunning Balkan gem. Whether you’re exploring ancient towns, ordering delicious local cuisine, or simply asking for directions, our guide equips you with all the phrases and vocabulary you need to communicate confidently and fully immerse yourself in Montenegro’s rich culture.

How much is it and what’s the real value of the course?

This self-study language course is designed to make learning Montenegrin easy and enjoyable. It includes a wealth of PDF materials, engaging video content, and interactive online games to reinforce your skills. Priced at just 89 EUR, it’s an invaluable resource for any traveler or someone just starting their new life in Montenegro. This course covers almost 2 months of classes with me, which would cost 400eur. It is worth it!

How can I buy it?

If you want to buy it, send me an email for the payment instructions at radonjicradmila@gmail.com. Once your payment to our Wise, Payoneer or Local bank account is confirmed (almost instantly) (Pay Pal is available for U.S. citizens), you’ll receive an exclusive link to access the course and start your journey to mastering Montenegrin. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive and interactive learning experience – get your guide now and enhance your travel experience in Montenegro!

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What this guide contains autora Radmila Radonjic

About me

Radmila Radonjić Radulović, Ph.D.

Montenegrin and English Language Teacher

13 years of teaching experience

Owner and CEO of Montenegrin Learning Center – MLC, ltd