I am a native Montenegrin/Serbian speaker with a Ph.D. degree in Serbian and English. I’ve been working as a teacher since 2011 and I have had more than 800 students so far (in group and individual lessons). Many of them were successful people, mainly diplomats working in their embassies in Montenegro and wanting to learn the language because of their jobs and life in this beautiful country.

Since I started teaching online I have been attending online courses for live online teaching, course creation, user experience, and instructional design.

For me, a big part of my job is inspiring others to learn languages.

I believe that there is no such thing as someone bad at languages – only someone who hasn’t yet discovered the right way to learn. 

Join our courses if you:

  • want to start learning the language and don’t know how
  • have some knowledge and want to improve it
  • get discouraged when you talk to native speakers because you struggle to make sense of what they say, or you don’t know how to respond
  • want to speed up the process of understanding spoken Serbian/Montenegrin so that you can have meaningful conversations with native speakers sooner rather than later…
  • need language for specific purposes…




  1. hi radmila, i hope you are well. just to let you know that i found this blogg very useful for me to learn montenegrin. i am albanian but i marry a montenegrin and i live here. so i have to learn asap this language. i found it a bit difficult, especially the grammar part, but your exercises help me a lot. so happy i found today the last published month, february 2021. i appreciate your work, please go on doing it. greetings from tuzi 🙂

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