Translate the following sentences:

1. He had two meetings in the morning and then he went for lunch.

2. He walked around the city center for half an hour.

3. He arrived home very late, around 10 in the evening.

4. In the Sava Centre there was an international conference.

5. He bought a sandwich and had lunch in the of­fi­ce.

 6. In the af­ternoon he studied Serbian language.

7. He didn’t have time to read the paper.

8. On Thursday, they went for dinner.

9. As usual, the place was very crowded.

10. He went home af­ter work.


I was looking for a flat in a quiet part of Belgrade. I found a nice three room apartment opposite the park. If you go towards the church, it’s on the right. I’ve shown my flat to Milena and Jovan. They came on Sunday and bought me a present – a picture of Skadarlija. I prepared dinner for them. We had a good time!


 Every Saturday I go to the market to buy several things. Of­ten I forget what I need to buy, so I go again. The market is near my new apartment. Every week I buy a kilo or two of fruit and vegetables. I also buy a little bit of meat and cheese. When I go back from the market I prepare good, tasty lunch and drink a glass of red wine.


Come in, please. Have a seat. How do you feel today? – I don’t feel well. I have a headache and a sore throat. – Strip to the waist. Open your mouth to check your throat. – Is it something serious? – No, don’t worry. You’ll feel better in a few days. – How soon will I be able to go to work? – Stay in bed for at least three days. – Do I need to take some medicine? – I’ll write you a prescription. Take these tablets three times a day. Drink a lot of tea and lemonade. – Thank you, doctor. Goodbye!


1. I would like to see that green dress.

2. I like this brown hat, but I don’t like that black one.

3. At weekends, I am in my old jeans and t-shirts.

4. I bought elegant dresses for my sisters.

5. Can I have that yellow scarf, please? – This one here? – Yes, that’s the one.


Steve had been feeling bad for three days. He thought that he had caught a cold while walking with Jovan near his summer house. They walked through the forest for a long time. It rained that day and it was very cold. Of course they drank a lot of slivovitz afterwards, since Jovan thought that rakia is a good medicine! But in the morning Steve felt awful. He had a headache and his throat hurt. His temperature was also high – over 38ºC and he could hardly talk. Fortunately, Jovan came and called the doctor. When the doctor arrived, he examined Steve and said that he had flu. Steve didn’t go to work. He stayed in bed and drank a lot of lemonade. He was also taking tablets three times a day.


 Every morning when I go to work I pass by a very good bakery. Often I get in and buy something good for breakfast. I like to drink yoghurt and almost every day I have one or two yoghurts. I leave the office around six o’clock and go home on foot. I need around half an hour to get home. I walk slowly, I go through the park and cross the bridge. I live near the river. On my way home sometimes I stop in a cafe to have a glass of wine or something to eat. When I arrive home, I usually see a movie and then go to sleep.


 1. My daughter does not like life in the village. She says there is nothing to do there and she cannot go anywhere in the evenings. But when we come to Belgade, she never goes anywhere. She just sits in her room and does nothing.

2. If I go to Serbia this summer, I would visit all the monasteries.

3. An old man approached me in Trg Republike today. He did not know how to get to Kalemegdan.

4. We left the village early in the morning, but it was already late when we arrived in town.

5. I am off to Kopaonik tomorrow. When I come back, I shall bring you a present.

6. The car went past the hotel and drove into the park. A tall man got out of the car. He was carrying a bag full of fruit and vegetables.


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