Online or live mini-group classes (Podgorica)

After a long, Covid-caused break, we are very excited to start again with live classes. Online classes are always an option too.

Learning in a small group proved to be the best form of learning the language, especially if your goal is to learn to communicate. In our experience, group members often become friends and continue to spend time together even after classes. They motivate each other and help achieve their language goals.

Mini Group class sizes are small, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to your linguistic needs while giving you more time for the personal attention you need.

Why US?

Small groups of up to 4 (for online) or up to 6 participants (for live classes)

Experience has shown that the optimal number for an online group is up to 4 people so that everyone can actively participate. Live classes work great with up to 6 people.

In our group Montenegrin lessons, students are matched according to their native language, preferred lesson time, and level.

Classes are scheduled twice a week

Montenegrin lessons in a mini-group will help you get your Montenegrin to the next step in 4 months (two lessons per week). Every lesson is 60 minutes long. Your teacher will show you the way, and encourage you to speak and exchange in Montenegrin with the other group members.

Constant support

You also get after-class support and homework feedback from the teacher. You can always ask additional questions if you’re stuck. But you can also communicate with other group members. The group can meet outside of the classes too, to work through the materials or study together, at your leisure.

 Speak Montenegrin from the start

In our teaching method, you are encouraged to speak from the start. Grammar is also practiced through communication. You will also get countless exercises to drill on your own, so you can practice speaking in class even more.

What do you get:

  • The most educated and experienced teacher in the country, a Ph.D. professor
  • Materials free of charge
  • Video lessons covering the first 6 classes to practice your pronunciation
  • Constant support and feedback


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