Dijalog 1


-Gospođice!                                                                Miss!

-Da, šta želite?                                                       Yes! What do you want?

-Molim vas, dajte mi malo sira?                       Please, give me some cheese.

-Koje parče želite?   Ovo?                                Which one do you want? This one?

-Da, molim Vas, to parče. Koliko košta?    Yes, please, that piece. How much is that?

-Tri i po eura.                                                      Three and  a half euros.

-Koliko?                                                                How much?

-Tri i po eura. Platite na kasi.                       Three and a half euros. Pay at the regster.



Dijalog 2

  • Hoću da kupim šal.                                             I want to buy a shawl.
  • Koji želite da Vam pokažem? Ovaj?                 Which one would you like me to show you? This one?
  • Da, molim Vas, ovaj. Koliko on košta?             Yes, please, this one. How much is it?
  • Sedam eura.                                                            Seven euros.
  • Koliko?                                                                     How much?
  • Sedam eura. Platite na kasi.                                 Seven euros. Pay at the register.


Exercise 1.

Read the following questions and choose the appropriate answer from those given below.

  1. Šta želite? _____________________________________________
  2. Koji šal želite da Vam pokažem? _______________________________________________________
  3. Koliko košta sir? _________________________________________


  1. Dajte mi, molim Vas, ovo parče sira?
  2. Trideset pet eura.
  3. Ovaj, molim vas.

Exercise 2

Translate into Montenegrin.

  1. I want to buy cheese.
  2. Please show me that shawl.
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Where is the register?

In a shop


Pokažite mi, molim Vas, bluzu.                                 Please show me a blouse.

Pokažite mi, molim Vas, prsten.                                Please show me a ring.

Pokažite mi, molim Vas, minđuše.                            Please show me earrings.

Koji prsten želite da Vam pokažem?                       Which ring would you like to see?

Koji sat želite da Vam pokažem?                              Which watch would you like to see?



Ja hoću da kupim crnogorski suvenir.     I want to buy a Montenegrin souvenir.

Ja hoću da kupim ovaj prsten.                  I want to buy this ring.

Ja hoću da kupim zlatne minđuše.          I want to buy gold earrings.


Exercise 4

Complete the sentences according to the model:

Pokažite mi, molim Vas, ovaj šal/ ovu haljinu.


  1. Narukvica
  2. Kapa
  3. Igračka
  4. Prsten
  5. Ogrlica



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