Verb to hurt in Montenegrin is boljeti. Just as in English, the body part that is painful is the subject of the sentence. Accordingly, if it is one body part that is hurting, the verb will be in the third person singular, and if more than one part is involved, the verb will be in the third person plural. Montenegrin diffres from English in that the person expericencing the pain is referred to in the accusative case:

Bole me noge. My legs/feet are hurting.

Boli me glava. My head is hurting.

Boli me zub. My tooth is hurting.


Some other essential expressions are:

Biti bolestan/bolesna – to be sick

Bolestan sam/ bolesna sam.       I am sick.

Visoka temperatura – high fever.

Imam visoku temperaturu. I have a high fever.

Upala grla. Throat infection.

Imam upalu grla. I have a throat infection.

Glavobolja. Headache.

Imam glavobolju. I have a headache.

Posjekotina. Cut.

Imam posjekotinu na nozi. I have a cut on my leg.

Opekotina. Burn.

Imam opekotinu na ruci.      I have a burn on my hand/arm.

Sunčanica.  Sunstroke

Imam sunčanicu.  I have sunstroke.

Prehlada.   Cold.

Imam prehladu.    I have a cold.

Grip. Flu

Imam grip. I have the flu.

Kašljati.    To cough

Mnogo kašljem.            I am coughing a lot.

Pokvariti želudac. To have an upset stomach.

Pokvario/pokvarila sam želudac….. I have an upset stomach.

Lijek. Medication.

Potreban mi je lijek. I need medication.

Bol. Pain

Potreban mi je lijek protiv bolova.     I need medication agaist pain.

Recept.   Prescription.

Mogu li da dobijem recept. Could I get a prescription.



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