We are happy to announce that we have just launched the Ultimate online course for beginners


Who is the course for?

This course is intended for absolute beginners working on their own. The central purpose of the course is to teach practical language skills so that students feel confident to engage in daily life in Montenegro, when ordering meals in restaurants, asking for directions, shopping, arranging appointments, understanding notices, traveling around the country, holding a simple conversation; in short – to explain what they want and learn how to get it.

The course is a result of over 12 years of teaching experience. It has been tried on numerous students and adapted to achieve the best results. It is also a product of the author’s experience in teaching and learning other languages.

Since the focus of the course is a practical use of the language, the initial topics are created according to the immediate needs of somebody who has come to live and work in Montenegro. As a result, the first language concepts exceed the grammar rules that are introduced in later stages.

The course follows the communicative method of learning languages, which means that each grammar pattern that is introduced, finds its purpose in immediate, practical conversation.

To summarize, after completing this course, you will know how to read and write, how to buy food, how to order in restaurants, order a taxi and give directions. You will know a lot of greetings and phrases that will help communicate on a daily basis. You will also learn the numbers and days of the week. This is a small course, but it will enable you to survive in Montenegro until you learn more. You will also learn some grammar, such as personal pronouns and verb to be, nominative case, gender, and plural of the nouns.

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